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  Why boardgames?

Board games have been undergoing a real renaissance for several years now. People meet with friends or family to spend time together while enjoying an interesting and unique form of entertainment.

Contemporary board games are not just simple children's toys, but they can also be educational, serve as amusing party games, be mind-bending strategic or economic titles and absorbing deduction games!

Such products are an excellent way of promoting your company, institution or city.

You can use them as an unconventional advertising campaign or as different forms of promotion. A board game can develop or enhance some aspects of the plot or setting of your book, movie or video game.

It is an engaging education tool for cities, districts or cultural institutions. Playing board games is another fantastic form of making people interested in the culture or history of a region in a different and exceptional way.

Board games can also be elegant and unique gifts for journalists, VIPs or colleagues.

Have a look at our portfolio to see how our board games have been used by our clients!