Our Clients:


We offer a comprehensive service focused around board games – from designing them to delivering to the final product to the client. We are open to all forms of cooperation and, what is most important – we are an experienced and flexible team, which rises up to the challenge when others decide to give up.


For us, there are no impossible tasks.

Drawing from our experience as gamers and designers, we are able to create a board game suited for your individual needs. We will create complex economic and strategy games, educational ones as well as fast and amusing family party games with equal engagement.


We will build upon your great idea.

We have deep knowledge of different types of board games and players, but most of all we like to play, especially when it comes to new projects. Our experience allows us to adjust and polish the idea for a board game, which will make it even better and more interesting.

 Preparation for production

We make ideas and fun a reality.

We work with many artists on various projects, so we can offer you different art styles for your game, from cartoon-like to photorealistic. We also typeset and prepare the entire project for the printing process. Our know-how covers not only that, but also the components and materials that are available for a game, which allows us to prepare a reliable and fair valuation of the product.


Among the machines, concepts become reality.

We have access to machines and die-cutters both for standard and specialized components. We can laminate and die-cut, so we are able to make all kinds of boards, counters, cards and storage boxes as well.