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PGNiG TERMIKA is the largest Polish producer of heat and electricity in cogeneration. Generating heat and electricity at the same time is the most effective production method. On 11th January 2012, the company became a member of the PGNiG S.A. Group.

Boardgames4u has created, designed and produced the game Kogeneracja (2014).


The key task of GAZ-SYSTEM is the transport of gas via the transmission network throughout the country to supply with gas the distribution networks and final customers connected to the transmission system.

Boardgames4u has created, designed and produced the game Gazociagi: Gra o Inwestycje (2014).

Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

The Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage is a national department responsible for culture, theatre, music, ballet, opera, performance art, fine arts, literature, museums, folk art and culture, cultural education, amateur art performances and foreign cultural exchange.

We have worked on three games co-financed by the Ministry: Grunwald - Battle of six centuries for the National Cultural Center, Stroll through Zyrardow Town for Museum of Western Mazowia (both in 2010) and Magical Town of Warka for the Local Action Group (2011).

Ministry of Regional Development

Polish Ministry of Regional Development is a governmental agency responsible for the following activity: cooperation with organizations unifying local governmental organization, planning the national strategy of regional development, assigning structural funds, creating the national plan of development which is a basis for dealings between the Polish government and the European Commission.

Boardgames4U has created, designed, and prepared the game Evolutio: European Funds - Time of Change (2012) for print.

CD Projekt RED

CD Projekt is a Polish developer of video games, responsible for The Witcher - the best-selling Polish video game.

Boardgames4U designed and produced two games. Witcher - the Promo Game was included with the Collector's edition of the video game - in Polish and German-language version (2007). The second game tied to the "Witcher" franchise was The Witcher Adventure game, published later on, in the Spanish and English language.

Universal Networks International

With intermediation by: Advertising House BBDO Warsaw

Universal Networks is one of the largest TV companies in the world, part of NBC Universal. In Poland, it is represented by 5 channels: Universal, 13TH STREET Universal, Scifi Universal, Movies 24 and KidsCo.

To celebrate the rebranding of Hallmark to 13th Street, Boardgames4U has created and produced the investigative board game Intrigue 13th Street (two separate releases, 2010).

AGH University of Science and Technology

AGH University of Science and Technology is one of the best and most renowned modern Polish universities. For many years it has been ranked in the top of the list of institutions of higher education. AGH UST is a leading Polish university in modern technologies, and belongs to a group of prestigious international educational centres.

Boardgames4U has prepared the art design and produced the game Akademicka Gra Historyczna

The Centre for Thought of John Paul II

The Centre was established in 2005 to investigate, document and disseminate John Paul II's teachings in innovative ways. The Centre is also in charge of scholarships of the City of Warsaw named after Pope John Paul II.

Boardgames4U has helped with the graphical design of the game Ta Ziemia (2014), and has produced and distributed this title.

Sine Qua Non Publishing House

Sine Qua Non is a book publisher based in Krakow, which publishes books in different genres, including but not limited to biographies, fantasy, and sports-oriented literature.

Boardgames4U designed and produced the game Klamcianka Towarzyska (2014), which has been sold alongside the novel "Klamca 2.5. Machinomachia.", a part of a bestselling series by author Jakub Cwiek.

Board & Dice S.C

Board & Dice is a development team, which, as the first one in Poland, has successfully crowdfunded their board game project.

Boardgames4U has conducted the optimization of production costs, market analysis, sales and production of Beer Empire and Dice Brewing.

Stowarzyszenie na Rzecz Mlodych Gminy Bobrowo "Horyzont"

"Horyzont" focuses on organizing different events and activities for children and teenagers living in the Bobrowo community.

Boardgames4U has designed the graphics of, and produced the games Bobry na Horyzoncie / Kraina Bobrow.

Civic Centre for Family Support in Gdansk

The Centre focuses on a variety of activities, including financially supporting the elderly, the disabled and the homeless, as well as securing specialist consulting. It also aims to prevent people from being socially excluded.

Boardgames4U has designed the graphics of, and produced the game Wrzeszcz! O co chodzi?.

Edukator Association

Active since 2000, the association helps prevent the closing of small rural schools and other education institutions, which are struggling due to economic and demographic problems. It pays special attention to children with disabilities and those that risk being socially excluded. Edukator is an active actor in supporting civic and educational initiatives.

Boardgames4U has created, designed and produced the game On the georgian trail (2014) for the Association.

Officina Monstrorum

A polish game developer/publisher led by Mateusz Albricht.

Boardgames4U has conducted the optimization of production costs and has produced the game The Convicted for the publisher.

Public Library in Oswiecim

Oswiecim's Public Library is a institution for culture, which plays a big part in the local environment. Its attempts at innovative activities reach further than its basic functions. It aims at reaching the biggest possible number of recipients, including those with sight and hearing disabilities.

Boardgames4U has created, designed and produced the game A journey with Kornel Makuszynski (2014) for the library.

Chancellery of Polish Senate

Chancellery of the Senate is responsible for organizational and technical tasks related to the activity of the Polish Senate and its related offices, and assists the senators in their duties.

Boardgames4U has developed, designed and produced the educational game Legislative Process (2011).

City of Warsaw

Center of Social Communication is responsible for communication with inhabitants of Poland's capital city and the local government.

Boardgames4U has created, designed and produced the game Activate Warsaw (2013).

Good Network Fundadion

This social fund has been founded in May 2009, which makes it one of the most experienced. From the very start it runs two programs: My Scholarship and E-Volunteer. The fund is active mostly on the Internet, and its main goals are developing knowledge about scholarships and on-line voluntary activity, and promoting new technologies as a tool of strengthening civic society and social involvement in Poland.

Boardgames4U has created, designed and produced the game Pionersi: Civil Game (2013).

Nasze Kalety Association

The local NGO Stowarzyszenie "Nasze Kalety" was created to maintain the positive image of their town. They work for their local community, creating educational, ecological, sport and cultural events, proving that small towns have a potential worth utilizing. Everyone can join the NGO, if they are good-willed and are hard working.

Boardgames4U has created, designed and produced the game The Oak Leaf's Trail (2013)

Mazovia Center of Culture and Art

The Masovian Center of Arts and Culture is a cultural institute of the local government of the Mazowieckie voivodeship, created ten years ago. At the basis of their activity, in their own words, is "discovery: finding ourselves, because MCKiS has been created out of three separate cultural institutes - and the discovery of a space in which work and cooperation is possible, since the Mazowieckie Voivodeship has been created out of seven separate districts".

Boardgames4U has created, designed and produced the game Risk-Takers: Rails of Fortune (2011).

Centrum Profilaktyki i Edukacji Spoecznej PARASOL

Centrum Profilaktyki i Edukacji Spoecznej PARASOL aims to support children and teenagers who are at risk of social exclusion and demoralization. The beneficiaries of the programme are the so-called "street children", adolescents who spend most of their free time on the streets, participating in potentially harmful activities which can hamper their social growth.

Boardgames4U has produced the games Plus & Minus: Atypically about health (2011) and Wybr naley do Ciebie! (2014).

Public Library of City and Commune of Jarocin

The public library of Jarocin has been founded in 1945. It's placed in the North-West wing of the historic Radolinski Palace. The library's collection is also available through 9 branches placed in Jarocin and other local towns and villages.

Boardgames4U has conducted youth workshops, on the basis of which we have created, designed and produced the board game Harmonious Jarocin (2013) as part of the Akademia Orange project.

National Center of Culture

The National Culture Centre is a governmental cultural institute, whose primary mission is supporting and popularizing national and ethnic Polish culture, promoting Polish national heritage as major element of the European cultural heritage, as well as cultural education and promoting the interest in arts and culture.

Boardgames4U, to celebrate the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Grunwald (also known as the Battle of Tannenberg) has created, designed and produced a history-themed card game Grunwald: Battle of six centuries (2010).

Social Publishing Institute Znak

Znak is one of the major Polish publishers. They published the books of Nobel Prize winners (Czeslaw Milosz, Wislawa Szymborska, J.M. Coetzee, Mario Vargas Llosa) as well as non-fiction writers like: Norman Davies, Ryszard Kapuscinski, or Umberto Eco.

Boardgames4U has been requested to design and produce the board game Erynie (2010 r.), based on the bestselling novel by Marek Krajewski, the master of Polish crime fiction. The game was a part of an exclusive release of the book, distributed by Znak.

Lokalna Grupa Dzialania Warka

LGD "Warka" has been created in order to stimulate the local initiatives to develop rural areas, and include social and economic partners in planning and implementing local projects.

Boardgames4U has created, designed and produced the game Magical Warka (2011).

Lokalna Grupa Dzialania Partnerstwo Ducha Gor

Local Action Group - Partnerstwo Ducha Gor has been created in 2006, as an initiative of 34 people who became the main sponsors of the foundation Partnerstwo Ducha Gor. The main goal of the foundation is s the integration of activity of local NGO's, enterpreneurs, governments, public institutions and citizens in order to optimally utilize the natural and cultural resources for cultural development, improving the life of citizens, and creating a program for sustainable development of local areas.

Boardgames4U has created, designed and produced the game Mysteries of the Mountain Spirit's Lands (2012).

Museum of Western Mazowia in Zyrardow

Museum of Western Masovia is an institution founded in 1961, whose main focus is the western part of the historical Masovia district, and in particular city of Zyrardow - the polish capital of linen.

Boardgames4U has designed and produced the educational game Stroll through Zyrardow (2010).


Progrobal is an IT company, dealing with creating and maintaining internet services. It's known for its web games, such as Arena Albionu and Gotyx.

Boardgames4U helped in the creation of, and produced the adventure card game Arena Albionu (2011) based on the eponymous MMORPG. It also serves as its distributor.

Training Games Studio

Training Games Studio offers their customers original and licenced simulation games as a way to to improve their skills and references.

Boardgames4U has created a training game called "A Matter of Time" (2010) for the company..

4fun TV

4fun TV is an interactive music-focused TV station, targeted at teenagers and adults. It's best known for its short cartoon series - Kartony.

Boardgames4u with 4fun.tv and Git Produkcja has designed, produced and distributed the non-collectible game Kapitan Bomba, based on the eponymous cult TV show (2009).


Capital Park group is a construction developer based in Warsaw, which takes active part in the real estate market.

Boardgames4U has created an exclusive board game called Capitally for the company.


One-2-One is a group of companies who are present on the stock market, specializing in complementary interactive solutions for IT and marketing enterprises.

Boardgames 4U has produced two (different) editions of the boardgame Mobile Explorers(2006/2007).

Artistic Society Usta Usta

This artistic group runs an experimental theatre Teatr Usta Usta Republika in Poznan.
To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the theatre Boardgames4U has produced the game Usta Usta (2010).


Bajo is a company which publishes exclusive wooden toys for distribution worldwide.

Boardgames 4U has created and designed three games: Foomino, Let's build and Train released in small number of copies on the German market (2006).

Boardgames Magazin / Answer Publishing House

This was the first Polish Bordgames Magazine devoted to board games. The single issue was published in 2006.

Boardgames4u has created and designed a simple game Troll Hunt (2006) published in the magazine.


Polkrak is a Krakw-based investment consulting company.

Boardgames4U has created, designed and produced the game The Island (2008).

Krakowska Grupa Kreatywna

KGK is a defunct Cracovian publishing company, specializing in board and card games.

We have designed our first game, Troja (2004) for the company.