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  Boardgames 4 U

A personalized board game is a great way to promote your company, agency or city. It's an interesting educational toy, unconventional form of self-promotion, a perfect gift for customers or business partners – in short, a wonderful marketing tool.

… and board games – in addition to card games, role playing games and all other types of tabletop entertainment - are our passion!

We're passionate players, award-winning designers, and yes, publishers. We can craft a game just for your needs – or we can help you to publish your idea. We're open to any and all forms of cooperation.

We have created and published several games of our own: The Witcher: Adventure Card Game, Alcatraz: The Scapegoat, Kapitan Bomba, Wolsung: board game, RPG and tactical mini game. Here you can find out more about them.

Our experience garnered us the trust of many companies and agencies, who decided to ask us to create customized games for them. Polish Ministry of Regional Development asked us to create Evolutio!, Narodowe Centrum Kultury – Grunwald: Walka 600-lecia, and CD Projekt – Witcher: The Promo game. You can see other interesting products in our portfolio.

We can offer you help in designing, playtesting, pre-production, putting the finishing touches on your game idea, and producing a complete game.

We have access to all sorts of tabletop game accessories, and a long experience in international tabletop game market.

We'll be happy to work on any interesting product, and to prepare a professional quotation to match your budget and demands.

We also organize workshops devoted to the creation and selling of board games.

We can create and manufacture a game for you even in a small number of copies, but larger amounts are not a problem either!

To begin a fruitful cooperation, contact us!